Camping, decorating and organizing

Its been a whole week since my last post but the last week just snuck past me. We got home from camping which was a blast but I had zero cell reception and couldn’t access my food tracker (lame excuse I know but its true) so my eating got a little out of control and I’m embarrassed to admit I gained 5 pounds but it came off pretty quickly when we got back home and I got back to eating and exercising like a normal person and I’m back to my normal weight.  The boys had a blast camping at our camp ground there were a couple different playgrounds which the boys had fun exploring and we even got to take a walk along the little beach they had there. We had to roast hot dogs and make smores (I just had roasted marshmallows) and the boys got to stay up late. It was a great weekend.

When we got back home it took me all week to get caught up on laundry (for some reason there is always a ton of it after a weekend of camping) and I started on a mission to redo our living room. 

One day I noticed a cut on O’s finger and I traced it back to our bookcase. The crap on the back has been coming off for a while now but I didn’t know it was as bad as it was a big part of it was really coming off and some of the nails were sticking out which I assume is what caused the cut on his finger so we needed a new one and naturally I had to move some furniture around to make sure we had room and then I noticed that the walls were more bare then I thought so I had to get something to put on them and that’s how a bookcase ended in the entire room being redone.  I still see spots where I want to put something but I’m not sure what exactly so Ill be keeping my eye out for any little extras that might fit. 

After getting the living room done I want to work on getting the kitchen organized and looking ‘pretty’. Getting the kitchen more organized and decorated is going to be much harder I have to admit there are a lot of dumping grounds in the kitchen where I just drop things then eventually dump it all into a junk drawer or the pantry or even a cupboard that doesn’t have much in it. My kitchen is awful even tho I spend the majority of my time there I haven’t actually taken much time to get it organized so I’m going to guess it will probably take about 2 months to get it organized and under control. The hardest part is trying to pick a place to start and right now Im debating between my pantry or my baking cupboard.  Ill try to keep up with posting my progress on my kitchen organization.

Ill leave you with a few pictures from our camping adventure.


O Trying to break into our cooler


Hanging by the fire


B eating a smore


O and me.