Starting a new ‘diet’

I‘ve been feeling board lately with food and my diet (by diet I mean the foods and meals we are eating not trying to lose weight) so I started looking into different ways of eating. The first (and biggest one) I came across was the ‘Paleo Diet’ but for what I’ve read and heard it promotes a gluten free diet which to me means no bread or pasta which are staples for me and more meat which I really have not been into much of lately so I dug a little deeper trying to find another that I would be able to adapt to and eventually I stumbled across the ‘Mediterranean Diet’. 

The Mediterranean Diet promotes eating more fruits, veggies, whole grains, olive oil, beans, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices and seafood everyday.  It limits poultry, eggs, cheese, yogurt, red meat and sweets. 

I‘m excited to try some new recipes and looking more into this diet and lifestyle and as I learn more and get more into the diet I will post more about it and how I’m doing.

I haven’t had a chance to post an update about my last mini goal but keep an eye out this weekend I will post an update when I get a little time to write about my progress which has actually been pretty good so far 😉


Setting My First Goal


By starting this blog my main goal is to have it help me achieve the health goals I set for myself. I’m hoping that by choosing to do this publicly I will get encouragement and feel more accountable and make the right choices.

That being said I’m going to put some focus on a goal I have been really struggling with. I REALLY want to cut out all ‘junk food’ from my diet. Junk food is such a board term and means something different to everyone so the first thing I need to do is define what junk food means to me. This was tough because as I sit here typing this Im thinking of all the sweets Im going to miss like my Hershey Kisses, Smarties, ice cream, licorice, cookies that are not homemade, chips and the list could go on! Great now Im having some cravings. Junk food to me would also include fast food like McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza Hut. Pop and other sugary drinks would also be catorgorized under the junk food label to me. Its seems like a lot when I write it out but I know I can do this! To summarize my junk food is sugar, chocolate, chips, take out, and any sugary drinks.

Now that I have figured out the things I want to eliminate I need to pick my first route (I’m worried and planning on there being many attempts at this and I will blog about every last one I try) and after talking with a friend of mine I have decided to first try on my own by tackling one thing at a time which worked with me when I started eliminated other things when I started losing weight with Weight Watchers. I’ve decided to cut out sugary drinks (except for my one morning coffee or I don’t think the boys and I will make it though the day) and I will focus on this for the next week.


My goal: No Sugary Drinks (minus my morning coffee) for the entire week

How will I accomplish my goal: I will replace any pop, juice or any other sweetened drinks with water and If I feel I need flavoured water I will add fresh sliced citrus or berries to my water.


There it is my very first mini goal set and I will update everyone on how I am doing at the end of the week even if I fail horribly. Hopefully I succeed and I get one step closer to being a slave to junk food.


THX for reading