Busy Weekend Comming Up

This weekend is going to be a busy one. We are planning a camping trip with the boys and I LOVE camping!  Ive been dying to take the boys camping all summer and sadly we are FINALLY going in August which means we may only have 2 more trips before B starts school if we are lucky. 

I have always loved camping. Good old fashion sleeping on an air mattress in a tent, nothing but hot dogs for supper and marshmallows for snacks. Its not exactly the best thing when your on a diet or have a bad back but it is so much fun and so far both O and B seem to enjoy it too but why wouldn’t they?  Think about it playing outside all day, nothing but crap food that your not usually allowed to have, being loud, staying up past bed time and sleeping out side what kid wouldn’t love camping? 

I don’t really have much planned except roasting hot dogs, making smores, going for a walk, playing with my little guys and trying to read a little more on my kindle (I’m half way through ‘Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and so far it is SOOO GOOD) oh and we cant forget taking lots and lots of pictures which I will of course share on here when we get back.

I also wanted to share that so far Ive been doing great avoiding any store bought treats, even when I was having a full on I-will-kill-everyone-if-I-could-get-just-one-roll-of-rockets craving last night but I stayed strong and had amazing will power/didn’t have any in the house. I know that this weekend I will end up having some slip ups while we are camping since there isn’t too much that I don’t consider junk that we are taking with us camping but to make up for the added calories and to make sure its not too bad I will be careful and eat it in moderation as well as exercise as much as I can (I think a kick ass game of tag with B & O will lead to A LOT of running)

I will be sure to post all about our weekend when we get back and I will post as many pictures as I can 🙂


Halfway through the summer

In about a month my big boy B starts kindergarten and in getting ready Ive been pretty busy trying to make sure we have everything we need to start and survive as well as making sure he gets all of his appointments done (Doctors check up, 5 year needles, speech check in for his speech delay) before he starts school. Its all so exhausting and I feel like the summer is getting away from me so on top of all the appointments I’ve been trying to ‘enjoy’ the time we have before B starts school 2 days a week but its been an almost impossible task. We have done a few trips to the park, a couple picnics here and there and a couple walks on the trails at the park but we haven’t done any camping (which was on the top of my list) or day trips which I was really hoping to do and now I feel like I need to try and cram it all into this month we have left but just thinking about it makes me want to take a big nap.

Here’s a cute picture of O enjoying a Popsicle on a hot day (I guess we have done a few more summery things then I thoughtImage



I just want to do a super quick check in! Last Friday my dad showed up for a few day from Ontario (a 3ish day drive) after not seeing him for about 4 years. It was nice to catch up with him and introduce him to my littlest men.

We also managed to make it to the Westerner in Red Deer where B had SO much fun going on as many kids rides as he could and O even got to ride the Merry-Go-Round which he loved (Of Course).

Every day before, after and in between I worked as hard as I could to try and meal plan and get/keep this place as clean as possible which is a lot harder then you would think.

Oh well Im getting back into the groove of things and getting back on track with WW after slipping a bit the past week which I will write more about that next time! Until next time here are some


On our way to the Westerner


I swear he LOVED it!


A picture of me and my biggest little boy!


This is how you can tell if your kids had a fun day!

THX for reading