About Me!

I‘m Christal a 20 something momma to 2 sweet, adorable, loveable, troublemakers I like to call B (who is 5) and O (who is 2). January 2012 I stepped on a scale and almost had a panic attack when I weighed in at 240 (give or take) and since then I have successfully dropped down to 170 (sometimes teetering up to 175) with the help of Weight Watchers. My ultimate goal is to drop down to 165 and I am determined to get there. 

I‘m a stay at home mom which so far has become the hardest job I have had in my entire life but its never boring. I have developed a passion for getting and staying healthy and active and being the best damn mom I can possibly be and that pretty much sums up me and my blog.  Hopefully you enjoy some aspect of this and it either entertains or inspires you or just gives you something to read to help pass the time.

Feel free to contact me (mohmommy@gmail.com) or comment on any or all of my posts!

Me and My Boys

Me and My Boys


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