Weekly Recap

Its been a busy week here for us which has caused me to fall behind on my blogs so I will attempt to do my best to recap the week.


~ My dad came for a visit. I hadn’t seen him in 4 years since he lives all the way in Ontario and I live out here in Alberta. He came out for 4 days and spoiled B and O who had a blast having him here.


~I finally got a few of my old childhood pictures and after comparing them to pictures of the boys I have realized that my little guys didn’t get much from me in the looks department but boy do they get their attitude from me.



~S and I took the boys to the Westerner. We went on the first day and it was in the middle of the week so there wasn’t quite as much as there usually is on the weekend but it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too busy plus the boys had a blast and they had no clue that there weren’t as many animals to see or vendors trying to sell us useless crap and that’s all that matters.




~O got to go on his first ride (the Merry-Go-Round) and he was so excited and it made his week. I will never forget the look on his face!




~Friday I got to have a day out with my smallest man O. We went to the mall and shared french fries, I bought him a new Transformer toy and we went and got a special surprise for the boys (mostly B) that I will share in a later post.




Typing it all out doesn’t look like a lot but when you add in regular chores as well as catching up on the chores you let slack for a few days it all can get slightly overwhelming.



There ya go that’s what our week looked like and Im tired just thinking about it all again.



THNX for reading





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