Growing Up

B just turned 5 and I think its the perfect time to start giving him a little more responsibility.  Sunday we officially started a chore chart for him. When we started it I couldnt help but think of how unoriginal it was but to be honest I dont care he has been doing great with it and its a good way to get some of the small things I usually do at night after the little guys are in bed which has freed up a little time for me. He doesnt and wont get an allowance for doing his chores but when hes a little older and understands money a little more I want to offer an allowance for doing extra chores. I think its important for children to learn that when your in a family you need to help out without expecting anything in return.

With B’s 5th birthday just over and getting ready for kindergarten in the fall its hard not to realize that he is getting bigger and older in the blink of an eye. O’s birthday was in April and 2 doesnt seem as big as 5 but watching him grow and hit all his milestones its clear that he is growing just as fast. I know that as parents we should be happy that they are growing and healthy but I cant help it some days I wish there was a pause button on life so I can enjoy these snuggles and smooches a little longer. Before I know it my boys are going to be embarrassed to have me around (not that it wont be well deserved ha ha ha I plan on being embarrassing). I cant wait for the day where I can sit here and type without O climbing all over me to put in his 2 cents but I know that when that day comes Im going to miss it and wish for a rewind button.

THX for reading



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