Welcome to my (online) home

Welcome to my blog!

Before we get into everything how about I introduce myself. Im Christal and Im in my late 20’s I have 2 little boys, who Ive lovingly dubbed Bug and Bear, and I live with my long time boyfriend/baby daddy.

For the past year and a half Ive been working hard on getting healthier and losing weight. Ive successfully lost 70lbs and now, as I lose my last 10lbs Ive been putting more of a focus on how Im going to maintain my weight. Ive had to over come some hurdles (mostly my love of junk food) and my plan is to use this blog as a way to stay accountable and share my journey.

Here I plan on sharing stories, pictures, Ill try to share some recipes and things I have tried. Im hopeful that this will help me stay on track and maybe, if anyone actually reads this, it might help someone even if its just with coming up with something for dinner or just a story that makes them smile.

Well, thanks for reading this far and I’m hopeful that you will come back to visit again and leave some feedback! Im sure as time goes on and the more I do this I will just get better (hopefully)

Here’s a picture of me with Bug (my big boy) and Bear (my baby boy)

Thnx for reading, Christal



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