On Friday July 5th my not so little

On Friday July 5th my not so little boy turns 5 years old. Its so hard to believe that 5 years have passed since I became a mommy. Bug is beyond excited and has woken up everyday looking beyond excited while asking if its his birthday yet and as I deliver the heartbreaking new I see his smile slowly turn into a frown and as sad as his face looks in that moment I cant help but breath a sigh of relief that I don’t have to face my first born turning 5 and starting kindergarten in the fall.

5 seems like a birthday that shouldn’t matter as much as it does right now but as we are about to smash into this milestone, whether I like it or not, I cant help but think of what it comes along with being 5 like starting kindergarten, starting hockey, and forming an identity separate from us, making more friends and forming bonds with other people. These are all going to be fun things to watch and be a part of but its still daunting to think that the first child I had is old enough to be doing these things.

I‘ve been planning his big birthday for a couple months weeks now and knowing that its a day to spoil and indulge him I’m trying to plan a fun day without surrounding him with junk food. I wanted to start a tradition of letting him have ice cream for lunch which we did when he was 2 and we did but this year I’m planning a picnic at the local water park and for supper there is going to be hot dogs at his grandparents place and Im going to make a mostly healthy cake. The only thing he told me he wants to do is have cake, presents and a walk.  Im hopeful that as long as I pull out as much will power as I have in my purse and make sure I get my butt moving Ill be able to stay on track and not have any major slip ups


Happy Birthday Big Guy



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