Camping, decorating and organizing

Its been a whole week since my last post but the last week just snuck past me. We got home from camping which was a blast but I had zero cell reception and couldn’t access my food tracker (lame excuse I know but its true) so my eating got a little out of control and I’m embarrassed to admit I gained 5 pounds but it came off pretty quickly when we got back home and I got back to eating and exercising like a normal person and I’m back to my normal weight.  The boys had a blast camping at our camp ground there were a couple different playgrounds which the boys had fun exploring and we even got to take a walk along the little beach they had there. We had to roast hot dogs and make smores (I just had roasted marshmallows) and the boys got to stay up late. It was a great weekend.

When we got back home it took me all week to get caught up on laundry (for some reason there is always a ton of it after a weekend of camping) and I started on a mission to redo our living room. 

One day I noticed a cut on O’s finger and I traced it back to our bookcase. The crap on the back has been coming off for a while now but I didn’t know it was as bad as it was a big part of it was really coming off and some of the nails were sticking out which I assume is what caused the cut on his finger so we needed a new one and naturally I had to move some furniture around to make sure we had room and then I noticed that the walls were more bare then I thought so I had to get something to put on them and that’s how a bookcase ended in the entire room being redone.  I still see spots where I want to put something but I’m not sure what exactly so Ill be keeping my eye out for any little extras that might fit. 

After getting the living room done I want to work on getting the kitchen organized and looking ‘pretty’. Getting the kitchen more organized and decorated is going to be much harder I have to admit there are a lot of dumping grounds in the kitchen where I just drop things then eventually dump it all into a junk drawer or the pantry or even a cupboard that doesn’t have much in it. My kitchen is awful even tho I spend the majority of my time there I haven’t actually taken much time to get it organized so I’m going to guess it will probably take about 2 months to get it organized and under control. The hardest part is trying to pick a place to start and right now Im debating between my pantry or my baking cupboard.  Ill try to keep up with posting my progress on my kitchen organization.

Ill leave you with a few pictures from our camping adventure.


O Trying to break into our cooler


Hanging by the fire


B eating a smore


O and me.


Busy Weekend Comming Up

This weekend is going to be a busy one. We are planning a camping trip with the boys and I LOVE camping!  Ive been dying to take the boys camping all summer and sadly we are FINALLY going in August which means we may only have 2 more trips before B starts school if we are lucky. 

I have always loved camping. Good old fashion sleeping on an air mattress in a tent, nothing but hot dogs for supper and marshmallows for snacks. Its not exactly the best thing when your on a diet or have a bad back but it is so much fun and so far both O and B seem to enjoy it too but why wouldn’t they?  Think about it playing outside all day, nothing but crap food that your not usually allowed to have, being loud, staying up past bed time and sleeping out side what kid wouldn’t love camping? 

I don’t really have much planned except roasting hot dogs, making smores, going for a walk, playing with my little guys and trying to read a little more on my kindle (I’m half way through ‘Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and so far it is SOOO GOOD) oh and we cant forget taking lots and lots of pictures which I will of course share on here when we get back.

I also wanted to share that so far Ive been doing great avoiding any store bought treats, even when I was having a full on I-will-kill-everyone-if-I-could-get-just-one-roll-of-rockets craving last night but I stayed strong and had amazing will power/didn’t have any in the house. I know that this weekend I will end up having some slip ups while we are camping since there isn’t too much that I don’t consider junk that we are taking with us camping but to make up for the added calories and to make sure its not too bad I will be careful and eat it in moderation as well as exercise as much as I can (I think a kick ass game of tag with B & O will lead to A LOT of running)

I will be sure to post all about our weekend when we get back and I will post as many pictures as I can 🙂

Motivation Monday

Some Monday’s (who am I kidding every monday) I struggle to find the motivation to get up off my butt and get back on track after falling off the healthy eating and exercising train over the weekend. I just feel like that train has run over me and is long gone by the time I can drag my butt out of bed.  Its the worst feeling in the work like failure mixed with disappointment in myself and it just makes me want to go to the store and buy a box of fudgeo’s to binge eat BUT I tell myself I will stay strong and fight those urges in the hope of getting back of track. This brings me to my post for today (after my mini goal update) I need to find motivation each day to do everything I need to but Monday’s I need the most motivation I can find so here are a few things that are motivating me today.

~The feeling I will have tomorrow morning when I wake up and the floors are vacuumed and not sticky

~Seeing the scale read (at least) 1lb lighter at the end of the week when I record my weight

~Eating and cooking something new for supper

~The hope that switching up my food tracking from Weight Watchers to something new will bring more possibilities and a fresh perspective on my healthy lifestyle (as well as save me $20 a month)


‘Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’  -Thomas Edison 


My boys are my biggest motivation to get healthy and be here for them

Goal up date

My mini goal focus has been to keep my sugary drink consumption to one drink every other day and I am proud to say I have been doing really good since I last posted about this mini goal on July 20th I have been to the movies twice and only once did I get a diet coke and I barely made it half way through before it started making me feel sick. When did this crap get so sweet? The second time I went with S and it was a different theater that had bottled water so I got that instead. Since my last post I also went out to eat twice and got a diet coke each time , again I didn’t even finish it because it so sickly sweet and I’m now turned off from pop of any kind completely. The only time I want to get it is when I’m craving the carbonation so I think I’m going to try carbonated water and maybe flavor it with some citrus or something because pop just makes me want to throw up these days.  

I‘ve been thinking a lot about my new goal and its one of the reasons It has taken me longer then I planned to write this post and I want this one to be more of a challenge. My next goal is to not buy any sweets this week and by sweets I mean chips, chocolate bars, cookies and candy of any sort. The only sweets I will have are the ones I make.  I am taking B for Menchies frozen yogurt tomorrow which will be tough for me since they have all kinds of delicious toppings like gummy worms, smarties. peanut butter cups (my favorite) but I will stick to my half cup of frozen yogurt with a couple of those juicy fruit popper thingys on top.   

Starting a new ‘diet’

I‘ve been feeling board lately with food and my diet (by diet I mean the foods and meals we are eating not trying to lose weight) so I started looking into different ways of eating. The first (and biggest one) I came across was the ‘Paleo Diet’ but for what I’ve read and heard it promotes a gluten free diet which to me means no bread or pasta which are staples for me and more meat which I really have not been into much of lately so I dug a little deeper trying to find another that I would be able to adapt to and eventually I stumbled across the ‘Mediterranean Diet’. 

The Mediterranean Diet promotes eating more fruits, veggies, whole grains, olive oil, beans, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices and seafood everyday.  It limits poultry, eggs, cheese, yogurt, red meat and sweets. 

I‘m excited to try some new recipes and looking more into this diet and lifestyle and as I learn more and get more into the diet I will post more about it and how I’m doing.

I haven’t had a chance to post an update about my last mini goal but keep an eye out this weekend I will post an update when I get a little time to write about my progress which has actually been pretty good so far 😉

Halfway through the summer

In about a month my big boy B starts kindergarten and in getting ready Ive been pretty busy trying to make sure we have everything we need to start and survive as well as making sure he gets all of his appointments done (Doctors check up, 5 year needles, speech check in for his speech delay) before he starts school. Its all so exhausting and I feel like the summer is getting away from me so on top of all the appointments I’ve been trying to ‘enjoy’ the time we have before B starts school 2 days a week but its been an almost impossible task. We have done a few trips to the park, a couple picnics here and there and a couple walks on the trails at the park but we haven’t done any camping (which was on the top of my list) or day trips which I was really hoping to do and now I feel like I need to try and cram it all into this month we have left but just thinking about it makes me want to take a big nap.

Here’s a cute picture of O enjoying a Popsicle on a hot day (I guess we have done a few more summery things then I thoughtImage



Sometimes my boys really do surprise me. I’m not talking about big surprises like making me breakfast in bed for no reason I’m talking about the little surprises like when they try a new food that I’m sure they will hate or complain about but instead the gobble it up and ask for more. These little surprises have been popping up more and more lately the newest one happened on Saturday when I took B back to school shopping for his new backpack and lunch bag.  I was SO sure (along with anyone that really knows B) we were going to come home with an Iron Man, Avengers or Batman back pack and for about 15 minutes it was looking like that was the direction he was going.  As soon as he saw the black, red and orange backpack he picked it up and in his most excited and loud voice he claimed the Iron Man backpack as his and kept telling me how it was the coolest backpack there so we ventured in the direction of the lunch bags and that’s when it happened. I turned to ask him what kind of lunch bag he wanted and he wasn’t right at my heels. Naturally my mommy heart stopped for a couple beats until I looked down the row of backpacks we just walked by and he was standing there just staring. As I got closer to him I noticed that he was staring at a backpack that didn’t have a a superhero stuck on the front no cape, no mask to conceal the secret identity just a blue animal (a platypus to be exact).  B’s newest cartoon obsession is  Phineas and Ferb, not something I would have ever been into and it drives me insane (what is their older sisters issue she is such a brat) but he is LOVING it.  As I got closer to him I asked him what he was looking at and as excited as Ive seen him since his birthday he grabbed the backpack and yelled ‘its Perry Platypus! I didn’t even know they made this backpack’ and then it came time to make the tough decision it took a total of 15 minutes (yes I timed him) to decide between the Iron Man backpack and the Perry backpack but Perry won out which changed the mood of the day. I was excited that he finally had something that wasn’t plastered with some sort of superhero and he was excited for school to show off his backpack which was the coolest backpack ever.

My second surprise that day came when it came time to pick out lunch bags. I told him he could pick out whatever lunch bag he wanted and it would hold his snacks and lunch for school so he had to make sure it had enough room for the food he wanted to take to school.  Naturally the first one he saw and grabbed was a batman one and being his mom for the past 5 years (3 of which he has spent consumed with superheros) I saw and knew he was going to grab the batman one that even had a little cape on the back to up the cool factor. He inspected it and kept telling me it was really cool but it just didn’t have enough room for all the food he needed to take to school but he held onto it until he found the perfect one which was basically a reusable paper bag but much cuter.  They had it in all sorts of colours and instead of getting the solid blue one (which I was positive would be the one he would choose since its his favorite colour) he picked one that had a bunch of coloured squares and he kept telling me it was ‘perfect’.  

Usually the surprises I get from my boys are ones I have to clean and scrub but occasionally I get these little surprises that show me other sides of the little people I’m raising.  Although B has spent the past 3 years completely immersed in superheros his interests are starting to branch out a little and he is realizing there is more outside ‘Superhero City’ and other things can be cool as well but as I sit here typing this and listening to him fight bad boys in his room I know that superheroes are still going to be around for a while and why not. They are cool, they have super powers and they always save the day  and when your 5 that’s all that matters.